2011 Edition

The thirty-first edition of the Festival of Medieval Cities held in Fiuggi 5 to 24 September 2011 getting the support of generous sponsors, such as Bank of Anagni, the Province of Frosinone and the town of Fiuggi, whose support has been critical to the realization of this important event. 11 performances were scheduled in different time slots,  offering  very detailed listening of great artistic value, both for the quality of the programming as well as the interpreters. The Chamber Orchestra “G. Tartini” opened the Festival on September 5th with an evening dedicated to the music of Dmitri Shostakovich. Cristina Zavalloni made ​​a fitting tribute to the masterpieces of German and American Musical Theatre which  established themselves in the first half of the twentieth century. The evening of September 6, after an introduction entrusted to Woodwinds Associates, with the Suite for Winds by “The Threepenny Opera”, continued with some of the most successful songs of Kurt Weill. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of composer Nino Rota, flutist Andrea Griminelli brought on 7 September a fitting tribute to this great composer of soundtracks, playing film music with his world-famous ensemble . The Quartet of Venice, experimented a witty program on September 9th delivering compositions of Cherubini, Respighi and Vacchi, which acted as a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Joseph Albanian, Italian pianist in a big rise in his recital of September 10 brought some compositions by Claude Debussy on the occasion of his forthcoming monograph dedicated to this author incision, which was followed by a tribute to the bicentennial of the birth of Franz Liszt. The Choir Musicanova of Rome, directed by Fabrizio Barchi, performed on September 11, in the Collegiate Church of St. Peter the Apostle, a repertoire dedicated to “The Polyphony ancient, modern and contemporary art”. The Ensemble Arturo Toscanini, led by Massimo Barrale with Gigi Borruso speaker, presented September 12th a colorful representation of the “l’Istoire du Soldat”, a work that opens up new perspectives and possibilities for modern music, a true existential allegory of the story in the contemporary world. On 13 September, the Italian Saxophone Quartet, led by Federico Mondelci, performed a program entitled “1982-2012: celebrating thirty years of music together”, with a repertoire from Bach to contemporary music of Astor Piazzolla and Nino Rota. The “East West” – Piano Solo Concert, was the new special challenge in solitary Cesare Picco. The concert, staged September 14, was a solo piano concert, conceptually divided into two parts, to two possible directions, geographical and musical. The classical music education, the use of improvisation as a vehicle for total delve into the different languages ​​(classical, jazz, electronic, etc.). Many and various collaborations with artists from around the world, brought him to an unequivocal rant a personal alphabet sound recognized for many years at the international level. The Trio Nino Rota, on the centenary of the birth of the composer, performed on September 19, music dedicated to the clarinet. The High & Low, a cappella vocal quintet born in Milan in 1994, closed the festival on 24 September with an evening of Italian songwriting.


Program – highlights


05/09/11 – FIUGGI -Teatro Comunale



NELLO SALZA – tromba


Musiche di D.D.Shostakovich/R.Barshai


07/09/2011 – FIUGGI – Teatro Comunale


Musiche di N.Rota


24/09/2011 – FIUGGI – Teatro Comunale

ALTI & BASSI (complesso vocale a cappella)

<<IO HO IN MENTE TE>> Viaggio a cappella tra le più belle canzoni italiane degli anni Sessanta e Settanta


12/09/2011 – FIUGGI – Teatro Comunale



I.Stravinskij – L’Histoire du Soldat

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